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Hey!  Look what else we've dug up while packing up our beloved arts retreat!  Even if you've never been here, this is a great chance for you to keep a piece of Endicott West history . . . or to acquire unique works of art by Terri Windling, the creator and presiding spirit of Endicott Studio, the Journal of Mythic Arts, and the original Boston Endicott Studio - which gave its name to Tucson's Endicott West.

Thanks to everyone who bid on our previous auctions this week.  Running concurrently with this one is the Pre-Raphaelite Blow-Out, which also includes boxes of Liberty Prints & Guatemalan Fabrics from the Endicott West retreat.

who have stayed at ENDICOTT WEST over the years
Signed & Personalized by them to Endicott West*:

Close-up of books

* exceptions to this: SARAH CANARY, OUR LADY OF THE HARBOUR (both first editions), signed (but not inscribed) by de Lint. Fowler not signed, but in pristine condition.  Everything else has some version of: "To Endicott West" plus a date, by authors & illustrators who stayed here 2002 - 2014.  All books are shown above . . .
. . .and we're also throwing into the book box:
"Eddie and the Fae" T-shirt (Emma Bull, Size M) and
"Green Man Press" Sweatshirt (Charles Vess, Size XL)

EWest Guest books

See some of the photos and comments by guests who've stayed at Endicott over the years.


brownline prints drawings 2drawings 1Set of prints

…and she's thrown in some extra prints from her Etsy shop, because she's such a nice person!

Also visit the Endicott Pre-Raphaelite Auction (last post) - bid here for Morris fabric, PLUS Guatemalan & Cowboy Quilting Fabric from Endicott West!


1) LOOK below in Comments for the SUBJECT LINE for either #1 (BOOKS + t-shirt + sweatshirt) or #2 (SKETCHES).

2) Click REPLY UNDER the LAST (most recent) HIGH BID on the one you're interested in (NOT in the General Comments for this post! and NOT under the "Minimum Bid" Comment, either), being sure to bid higher than the person before you did. And say what you're bidding on, just to avoid confusion.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A LIVEJOURNAL member to bid:  JUST COMMENT as a GUEST - but leave a name so we know who you are.

HIGHEST BID in each category at 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, January 29th wins.

We will notify you HERE in Comments,
so check back to see if you won so we can contact you.  If we don't hear from you in 48 hours, the prize will go to the next highest bidder.  Nothing will be mailed out before we have received your PayPal payment of your pledged bid, which should be within 48 hours of our hearing from you.

• U.S. only - no mailing abroad:  Sorry, but the extra work of figuring postage & filling in customs forms is just not something any of us can cope with as we close up the house.  If you've got a friend in the US who will accept the package for you, that would work for us!
• Books will be mailed by Feb. 8th, at Media Rate.  
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So many treasures have emerged as we close up our beloved Endicott West arts retreat in the Tucson desert!  All her life, Terri Windling has had a passion for matters Pre-Raphaelite. Her precious collection spans the decades . . . and now it's time to pass some of it on to you.  For those few hearts unmoved by William Morris & Co., we offer a final cache from the soul of our little retreat . . . . So click on, and bid high:  All proceeds go to moving a portion of Terri's things across the Atlantic, and to help repair the flood damage recently done to her home in the UK.

Jacket 3
1) Terri's own "HELL'S PRE-RAPHAELITES" motorcycle jacket:
Painted for her by illustrator Cortney Skinner
OK, so after 20 years in the desert, Jane Morris looks a bit like Rossetti dug her up along with his poetry…. But don't worry:  We're sending it to Cortney to touch it up so you can wear it for another 20!  As a result:  This jacket will not be available before April 2014.  But it will be so worth it….

Jacket close-up . . . Because  see how cool Terri looked in it circa 1990?  It's a Women's SIZE 8 (or maybe a small 10)
Terri on her motorcycle in The Jacket )

for the connoisseur  - includes rare and collectibles

The complete set is pictured here in these 2 photos.
For HIGH-RESOLUTION images, see Terri's post here.

Pre-Raphaelite box picture 1PR-Raph Box picture 2

When William Morris died in 1896 at the age of 62, he left behind him a body of work ranging from fantasy novels to fabric design, paintings to printing presses . . . his physician famously said, "He died of being William Morris!"  Here's a taste of his life & work, chosen by Terri from her personal library:
PHOTO of Books in "Strictly Morris" Box )

Scraps of fabric large and small (patterns below) which have adorned everything from seat cushions in Terri's original Boston North End Endicott studio, to bits of her celebrated collages, to tabletops at Endicott West.  Liberty's has stopped making many of these. NOTE:  These are smallish pieces, pretty much only suitable for quilting. Includes some velvets to go with them!

Morris-Liberty-velvet pieces
Extra photos I took of the same stuff, to try to give a better sense of what's in there. Not sure I succeeded, but:
More Morris Fabric Photos )

. . . And so we leave the Pre-Raphaelites, and Go West


Left over from the windows and chairs of Endicott West
Many are sun-faded in spots - perfect for quilters who want bits of pricey fabric, and to own a piece of history from Endicott West!  Also includes some fabulous Cowboy Fabrics:
PHOTO: GUATEMALAN & WESTERN fabrics from Endicott West )

for two very special additional auction offers from the famous Arts Retreat founded by Terri Windling, Delia Sherman & Ellen Kushner . . . lived in, loved, and visited by artists and authors including Emma Bull, Charles Vess, Charles de Lint, Ellen Klages, Alan Lee, Karen Joy Fowler and many more. Come see . . . .


1) LOOK below in Comments for the SUBJECT LINE for either #1 (Jacket),  #2 (Pre-Raph books), #3 (Morris), #4 (Pre-Raph fabrics) or #5 (Guatemalan fabrics).

2) Click REPLY UNDER the LAST (most recent) HIGH BID on the one you're interested in (NOT in the General Comments for this post! and NOT under the "Minimum Bid" Comment, either), being sure to bid higher than the person before you did. And say what you're bidding on, just to avoid confusion.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A LIVEJOURNAL member to bid:  JUST COMMENT as a GUEST - but leave a name so we know who you are.

HIGHEST BID in each category at ETA: 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, January 29th, gets the box.

We will notify you HERE in Comments,
so check back to see if you won so we can contact you.  If we don't hear from you in 48 hours, the prize will go to the next highest bidder.  Nothing will be mailed out before we have received your PayPal payment of your pledged bid, which should be within 48 hours of our hearing from you.

• U.S. only - no mailing abroad:  Sorry, but the extra work of figuring postage & filling in customs forms is just not something any of us can cope with as we close up the house.  If you've got a friend in the US who will accept the package for you, that would work for us!
• Books will be mailed by Feb. 8th, at Media Rate.  Fabric will be sent UPS or USPS.
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THE AUCTION IS CLOSED.  Thanks for your bids!
….and look for the Pre-Raphaelite -
 - and Endicott West Farewell - Blow-Out(s)
is now here!

Thanks to your support and enthusiasm for the Endicott West retreat and author, artist & editor Terri Windling's prodigious library here, we're offering four more fabulous flash auction packages, hand-chosen by Terri herself: a Baker's Dozen in each of some pretty special volumes. These are the last of these sort of boxes; all that's left is Monday's Pre-Raphaelite blow-out, which will feature art books and even fabrics.  And then we're done.

Your purchases are helping us to move her most important books, papers and lifelong possessions to her home in the U.K. - and at the same time giving tremendous joy to know that a lifetime of careful book-collecting is going to people who will truly value its fruits.

Here are the new Boxes on offer.  What you see is what you'll get - the 13 books in each box - thanks to Terri's own beautiful photos (yes, shut up, I know they are much better than the ones I took for the last auction) :

1) Biographies box

2)  Native American Authors box
includes some rare and hard-to-find volumes

3)  Poetry-Lover's box


4)  Short Story Lover's box
Many of these are the books from which Terri selected stories for her ground-breaking Year's Best Fantasy & Horror series.


The Great Pre-Raphaelite Blow-Out, featuring
• William Morris Box  • Pre-Raphaelite Art Books Box w/Collectibles • Wm Morris/Liberty Print Quilting Fabrics Box
It's a beauty; all Pre-Raphaelite-lovers will want to know about this one!
That will be our final auction, and then we're done.

ETA:  One more to add: We just found a big stack of books by authors who have stayed here, signed to Endicott West!
Includes Emma Bull, Ellen Kushner, Charles Vess, Charles de Lint & more. Some first editions. This will go up next week. The perfect way to close out the Retreat, and give someone a little piece of its history.  Bidding will start over $100 on this and the Pre-Raph collectibles, so if your budget is tight, we suggest you try for the ones listed here.

Meanwhile, here we go:


Read more... )
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It is sad to be clearing out Endicott West, which was an arts retreat for many years, as well as being the Arizona home to Terri Windling, where she created so much great work inspired by the Sonoran desert and its people. Terri's prodigious library here has given many people joy over the years, and I wish we could teleport it all to her little cottage in England - and build a new room to house it all in!  That being impossible, we're making sure it all goes to good homes (including the Special Collection at Northern Illinois U.) - and one of those homes could be yours!

To keep our spirits up - and to help support repairs on her home caused by the recent dramatic flooding in the UK - we are offering you the chance to bid on:

1) 25 Years of Books Edited by Terri
Including: Swan Sister; The Green Man; Ruby Slippers Golden Tears; Black Swan White Raven; Salon Fantastique; Sirens [all co-edited with Ellen Datlow]; The Essential Bordertown;  Faerie!;  Elsewhere Vol. 3 . . . and maybe a few surprises.  Each will be signed by Terri.
There will be *2* winners on this one: The last 2 high bids each get a box.

TW Bookshelf

2) Surprise Box of Terri's Favorite Fiction
At least 9 hardcovers + as many paperbacks as we can fit in the box of books Terri really loves, and has probably talked about on her fabulous blog and/or the Journal of Mythic Arts' celebrated "100 Books of Mythic Fiction."  You won't be disappointed.  Authors may (but are not guaranteed) to include Alice Hoffman, N. Scott Momaday, Vikram Chandra, Katherine Vaz, and others whose work Terri brought to the fantasy reading public's attention through her 20 years of groundbreaking work on The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror.

There will be *2* winners on this one: The last 2 high bids each get a box.

3) Terri's personal collection of Dorothy Dunnett novels!
You've heard me speak of them often: the Lymond Chronicles (recently discussed in my Facebook thread here): here offered in the 1980s paperback edition, with Terri's eye tracks on each page, and her wails of anguish across our apartment still ringing in my ears . . . Plus the Niccolo series, in the fancy trade paper edition, which she swears is all worth it once you get to the last volume.
TW Dunnetts TW Dunnett

Still to come:
• A box of Biographies (about Authors & Artists)  • A box of Art Books!  • Poetry! • Native American Fiction
* A box of Pre-Raphaelite books with some special collectibles!!*
 * 2 Boxes of Fabric Scraps (suitable for Quilters) culled from Endicott West decor

Look for those later today!

But let's get started now:


1) LOOK below in Comments FOR THE SUBJECT LINE for either #1 (TW Edited Collection),  #2 (Surprise Box), or #3 (Dunnetts).

2) Click REPLY under the one you're interested in, being sure to bid higher than the person before you did!


HIGHEST BID in each category at NOON EST on Friday, January 24th, gets the box.

We will reply HERE in Comments,
so check back to see if you won so we can contact you.

U.S. only - no mailing abroad, unless you're willing to pay international shipping yourself.
Books will be mailed by Feb. 8th, at Media Rate. If you want them faster, be willing to pay the extra postage.

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When I left Boston and moved to NYC, I really grieved to leave behind my beloved folk-music public radio station, WUMB.

Fortunately, grief turned to joy when I realized I could listen to them online (and on my kitchen Logitech web-radio)!  Indeed, they have something like 5 online channels that each plays a particular style, including Traditional, Contemporary, Celtic....

WUMB is doing an online Auction fundraiser right now.  Because - and this may shock you - huge numbers of wealthy people in high-paying professions do not have their ears glued to a dial that offers roots-based music that is not over-produced and often has complicated words in it. Just guessin' here, of course. But I know this station needs funds to thrive.  And I want to help!

So I've donated a signed Collectors' Deluxe Edition of The Witches of Lublin (the audio drama I co-wrote).

Here's the link to bid on that.

While you're there, check out all the other items up for Auction. Some are Boston-specific, and some are not.  All are good for nerds like us!

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1 more week to bid on great stuff at Con or Bust to help fans and writers of color attend speculative fiction conventions, including a tea cosy and some story critquing by our own [livejournal.com profile] deliasherman, a "Lost Steersman" hand-bound journal by her fellow-Genrette Rosemary Kirstein, a signed copy of the first edition hardcover of Pamela Dean's novel The Dubious Hills, a Josephine Baker figurative stool made by Sheree Renée Thomas , and o so much more.

I've not put anything up yet - Suggestions? (And my postcard pals - I have not forgotten! Just, well, distracted.  Ping me if you're getting annoyed.  Grin if you have faith!)

I also like this post about it, re-posted by [livejournal.com profile] shveta_thakrar.

See you at Wiscon!

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She took the Dishes Fairies with her . . . but, Look!  She left us this Cool Auction Item:

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] deliasherman at Con or Bust!
Item Name & Description: A 6 cup hand-knitted tea cosy in a kind of cherry-red/pink/cream heather mixture.  You'll like it.  You'll see.
Starting Bid: $25
Notes: I'll deliver it as soon after the end of the auction as is consistent with having finished it.
Bidding starts Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. EST (GMT -5) and ends Sunday, February 25, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
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I will be putting up much more stuff of mine to auction, very soon, I promise. Swordspoint stuff, Bordertown stuff . . . stuff you want.  (Any special requests?)

Meanwhile, do not miss delightful things like Caroline Stevermer's offer to handwrite a personal letter from Kate of Sorcery and Cecelia . . . Patricia McKillip's hand-written draft of her poem from Welcome to Bordertown . . . . an original song by Emma Bull . . . . a ms.critique by the stellar reader/teacher/critic Sherwood Smith (not that I'm biased or anything, but ahem!) aka [livejournal.com profile] sartorias . . . . and of course, signed copies of my dear Joel Derfner's amazing books, along with a litttttle something extra . . . . 

All of which is to say:

If someone were to offer to write, say, a fanfic about Alec in Bordertown - well, I would surely bid on it.

Wouldn't you?

For details on how to bid and how to offer something to the auction (and what it's all about, anyway), go here.

Every dollar raised is a bone for Tilly!
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Told you there was more!

So the Swordspoint crazyweek continues:  On Monday, Fantasy Magazine online reprinted my story "The Swordsman Whose Name was not Death."  This is the first Riverside/Richard & Alec story I wrote after writing Swordspoint (and swearing I would never, no never, write anything more about them!).  It contains the seeds of The Privilege of the Sword - and, well, lots more.  Which I explain at great length in:

It's paired with an interview (Author Spotlight:  Ellen Kushner -- aaaghh! I'll talk! I'll talk!) in which the delicious Wendy Wagner asked me all sorts of impertinent questions about the characters and the world, which I did my best to answer fully and truthfully.  It was really all a setup for the divine (and erudite) Kat Howard's lovely piece on fencing & swashbuckling, The Pen and the Sword - I was so glad to be asked to be part of this issue!

And now:  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your warm, enthusiastic reception of the new Swordspoint audiobook (read by me, with a full supporting cast, and some serious SFX, for Audible.com's new ACX/Neil Gaiman Presents).  Seriously - some of you actually had downloaded it before I even knew it was up yesterday!  That's love.  And special thanks to those who've already posted comments and ratings on the book's Audible page.  Apparently the number of LIKEs, sales and positive ratings in the first 48 hours have really impressed the Powers That Be over there - and we want that.  Feel free to, um, continue at full force.  And know that my gratitude is at gale strength already.

Finally:  As some of you know, I've spent the last few weeks working with the amazing [livejournal.com profile] copperwise[livejournal.com profile] orizarising[livejournal.com profile] copperwise[livejournal.com profile] talkstowolves and their team at HQ, pulling together [livejournal.com profile] magick4terri, the auction to benefit our beloved Terri Windling.  It just launched 2 days ago, and already it has become one of the most amazing things I've ever seen or hope to see.  Authors & artists we only dream of have leaped forward to offer rare, personal, one-of-a-kind donations to benefit Terri . . . and amazingly gifted fans and colleagues are joining in every day. It's like stepping into Goblin Market, a fantasia of dream-desires that one can bid on . . . and every penny goes to benefit one of the dearest, kindest, most loving and creative people on the planet. Terri felt quite sheepish about letting us do it, but I told her to consider it Back Taxes. But even I am astonished at just how much love and goodwill she has built up at the cosmic bank over the years -- or, no! I'm not astonished that it's there; I'm simply gobsmacked at its very, very concrete expression.  I have a couple things up already, and lots more crazygood stuff to come - I'll be writing more about it all next week. But do stop by for now - you don't want to miss things like a hand-drafted Patricia McKillip Bordertown poem. . . or  Steve Brust dedicating his next book to your mom!
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Our very dear Charles Vess has made up 'A Bit of English Magic:’ A Susanna Clarke/Charles Vess Literary Basket for a charity auction to benefit his local library.  The auction runs through Saturday, April 9 at 4:00 PM EST.   Details are up on Facebook here.  If you don't have access to FB, here's the fine print:

Charles Vess writes: )

Remember, the "I"  here is Charles Vess, not me.  Any questions, though, should be e-mailed to the library at the edress provided above.

Con or Bust

Mar. 5th, 2011 02:52 pm
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How stupid do I feel that I didn't even know til now about the [livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust online auction which helps fans of color attend SFF conventions, administered by the Carl Brandon Society?  

Pretty darned.  And bidding ends tomorrow night at midnight (yes?), so it's too late for me to put anything of mine up for auction.*  But it's not too late to make sure you know there's great stuff there, including signed rare bookage by my Greenlaw Bryn Mawr College BFF & dorm mate, Caroline Stevermer (we met literally my first hour in the dorm, when she wandered by and saw me draping my green fishing net over my newly-hung poster of the map of Middle Earth...).  And many many many more distinguished gifted friends & colleagues.  (Plus cookies.  Plus jewelry.)

*QUESTION:  Next time I do: What would you most like to see me auction off?
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Thanks again to all who participated in the auction for Laurie J. Marks' wife Deb!  The auction site has  just posted an update on Deb's health (carefully edited by Laurie from a letter to friends, leaving out the really really scary bits -  the full story's positively harrowing!).  Please keep them in your good thoughts.


May. 25th, 2010 10:42 am
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It's BEA (Book Expo America) week in NYC, and the social whirl is even giddier than expected - so you won't be hearing a lot from me (even though I had many fine posts planned) . . . I'll mostly be out on the street, Tweeting as I go . . . . Last night was a party for authors, publishers & booksellers at NYC's premiere kids' book (and cupcake) store, Books of Wonder.  Many fine folks were there - and I got to meet Art Spiegelman! Great guy. He feels like a cousin.  Who knew?  Tonight I get to be someone's "date" at a party for David Godine at the Grolier Club (wahoo!), and then we're headed to Tor's Steampunk thingy [ETA:  All are welcome!  Details in Comments, below] featuring Felix Giman, Cherie Priest & Cat Valente.  Tomorrow I'm "timesharing" Delia's BEA pass (thank you, Gavin!) & hitting the floor . . . She'll be signing INTERFICTIONS 2 at the Small Beer Press booth on Thursday morning.  No other parties that I know of - but that could change any time (or you could turn the page....).

I do want to thank each and every friend, "friend" & colleague who posted, bid & donated to the [livejournal.com profile] debsliverlovers  auction!  I think we raised a ton of dough, as well as the spirits of Laurie J. Marks & family.  The auction ended Sunday night.  If you offered anything, please check to see who won your piece, and get in touch with them directly - instructions for that are here.

This afternoon will be devoted to digging out all the stuff I auctioned off, and putting it in nice little envelopes.....
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Bidding on the [livejournal.com profile] debsliverlovers auction closes tonight, Sunday, May 23, 2010, 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4).

First, I'd like to thank everyone who's donated some crazycool stuff, bid on it, spread the word . . . and especially the tireless mods, [livejournal.com profile] akycha  & [livejournal.com profile] heavenscalyx .  

You should also know about the stuff that's being offered by a very special group of people close to Laurie & Deb:

* Singer Didi Stewart ("Girls' Night Out") offers a voice lesson in the Boston area (I've done this with her, and it's lovely - and useful) & CDs! Didi's not just an amazing musician - she & Laurie & [livejournal.com profile] deliasherman  & Rosemary Kirstein (aka [livejournal.com profile] moonmothx )  are in a longrunning writers' group together (sometimes called "Didi and the Genrettes!").  
* Rosemary offers some exceptionally cool stuff from her Steerswoman series.  
* And, like Didi, Delia's giving of her time & professional expertise - as soon as she gets back from teaching Clarion, she'll critique your manuscript (as will several other pros).
* Debbie Notkin, also an old friend, offers her contract-reading expertise & advice for anyone with a publishing contract.
* Sarah Smith offers an advance copy of her new novel - plus the lavender shortbread cookies we all ate at Laurie & Deb's wedding!
Karen Joy Fowler offers to sign 2 first edition hardcovers of The Jane Austen Book Club.
(* And there are even a couple of truly exceptional things from Laurie Marks herself)

Here are a few more rare jewels I would hate to see you miss:

* Hanne Blank's "Baked Good of the Month" subscription
* Interstitial artist Wendy Ellertson will do handbound mythic leather books (see other examples here! You want something by Wendy, trust me!)
*Katherine Kerr ([livejournal.com profile] aberwyn ) is offeringsigned ARCs of 2 of her classic Deverry novels!
* Laramie Sasseville's totally badass wearable bookmark, "Death's Sweetie Pie"

Finally, I was very moved that author, critic & old friend Marta Randall contacted me personally last night to ask if it was too late to add something. She writes:  My husband had a liver transplant five years ago -- I'm grateful for it every day. If I can help spread the joy, all the better.  Marta's hand-made, hand-designed crib quilt is truly stunning - and will cover that baby with blankets of LOVE.

And don't miss the highly collectible original art pieces!   Charles Vess (a watercolor from Neil Gaiman's Blueberry Girl!) , Thomas Canty (George R. R. Martin's A Feast of Crows),  Colleen Doran (actual page of A Distant Soil!), Terri Windling and others . . . .

If I didn't mention your fave here, it's not because I don't love it - it's probably because it's got plenty of bids already (or I'm bidding on it myself) - other possibly overlooked treasures are also listed here.

***If auctions make you nervous, and/or you just want to donate to the cause, info is here.***
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You cannot believe the stuff that's just gone up at the [livejournal.com profile] debsliverlovers auction.

My jaw is on the floor.

Writers (including  [livejournal.com profile] deliasherman  ) are offering story critiques.  Authors & publishers are offering books (including the limited edition Kelly Link, complete with a deck of cards by Shelly Jackson).  Colleen Doran has offered a page of original art from her amazing comic A Distant Soil (and it's the one where Rieken meets Liana!!!).  Thomas Canty has sketched illo's into 2 copies of Water Logic from Small Beer Pres. There's even a set of signed glyphs from Shaftal, drawn by Laurie herself!

Overwhelmed?  Check out the grey column on the right, under "Offered:" for various categories like "signed books" or "original art."  The Auction ends at 11:59 pm this Sunday, May 23.  Good luck!

Oh, and don't forget to support Laurie J. Marks by buying her books!  Our friends at Dreamhaven Books are offering Fire Logic as well as Water Logic online, now - and, of course, you can buy the whole series as eBooks wherever eBooks are sold.

I'm headed down to Henry's tomorrow to sign more The Man with the Knives books. He's sending them out in batches, so if yours hasn't come yet, don't worry.  Remember, he's a one-man band:  publisher, designer, shipping clerk, bottle washer.....
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Friday:  Madly editing Welcome to Bordertown (or whatever we end up titling the new anthology - still up for debate) stories all week to meet Random House deadline -- such wonderful stories!  With such little gems embedded in each one!  F'rinstance, every time I come across these lines, I grin with glee:

“Not through the herb garden, you bozo!” she shouted. ‘Round the house to the front walk!”

He did not know what a bozo was, but by her tone, it was not much sought afte

No, I will not tell you whose story it's from, or anything else . . . but just wanted to share the delight.  I'm at that awful point in a book (and one I didn't even write!) where I just want to talk about it with everyone - and can't!  Maybe as we progress toward ARCs (maybe as early as September!), I'll convince some of the authors to let me share other favorite lines.

In other news:  Amazing stuff continues to go up on [livejournal.com profile] debsliverlovers  - keep checking back, and bidding high!  And thanks to all donors & bidders for your humbling generosity.  Auction closes May 23, so plenty of time for more.
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I guess Temporary Culture's first mailing of pre-orders for my new Riverside short story, "The Man With the Knives," has gone out. Because thank you, friends, for your lovely - and very kind - personal notes about it.  (If you see/post a review, please let me know & I'll pass it on to Henry & Tom.)

The live recording of Delia & me reading the story aloud at NYRSF is still up at WBAI.org Archives under "Hour of the Wolf" - but there are only 3 days left to play it there.  (Tech-savvy folk may know a way to capture it for permanent listening.  HotW producer [livejournal.com profile] jfreund  points out that  it would be terribly, terribly wrong for you to PM and ask about this.)  The show opens with about 45 minutes of music & chitchat (plus short reading of Henry's work-in-progess), and then you hear MWK, which runs about :35.

There are still plenty of books left, so don't hesitate to order if you want one.  I have signed many copies (just my name) of existing stock; if you want me to personalize it for you, I'll be glad to do so when next we meet (or when next I stop by Henry's shop - but given my upcoming schedule, that may not be for some time).

I've also offered an inscribed book at the [livejournal.com profile] debsliverlovers auction, which runs to May 23. In addition,Thomas Canty is offering some of his original art (!!!) from the Subterranean Press limited edition of George R. R. Martin's A Feast for Crows  (hit the tag for Offered:  original art - that way, you'll also see the Vess & Windling pieces, and more!) . . . And Temporary Culture has donated a signed print of the folding plate (not folded) of the MWK art (try Offered:  art prints or Seller:  ellen_kushner).  (If the print goes for the Buy It Now price this week, I will put up another one for auction.)  You can also read mod posts about Deb's potential transplant's progress there.  This auction is really cheering her up - and me, too!
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I just put this up over at the [info]debsliverlovers auction,
which is where you'll have to go to bid on it:

Canty picture MWK

This is the folding plate that appears at the beginning of my new chapbook, "The Man with the Knives."  It was commissioned for the book, and drawn by Thomas Canty, whose work has long been associated with mine, beginning with his cover for the original American edition of Swordspoint.

The publisher, Temporary Culture, commissioned a small number of additional copies of the print, and the artist signed copies in preparation for hand bound issue. There are 25 signed copies, never folded, most intended for presentation. Publisher Henry Wessells has kindly made available this one, signed by the artist in pencil at lower right. It is suitable for framing (and will be mailed in a tube to keep it uncreased). Heavy cream paper stock.

Dimensions (paper):  17 1/2 " x 8 3/4"  
It's bigger than it looks from the above jpeg - double-click on the image to see it in more detail.

Then throw you bid into the ring by going straight to the auction page [DO NOT BID HERE!].  Scroll through the many pages & generous donors for a cornucopia of desirable delights..
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The generosity of fantasy author Laurie J. Marks' friends & extended community is staggering.

 Terri Windling just donated an original painting to [livejournal.com profile] debsliverlovers ,  the auction to raise funds for Laurie's wife's liver transplant.  [livejournal.com profile] elisem is offering both a custom jewelry piece and a basic wireworking class. (Go here to see the nice things Elise has to say about Laurie & Deb.)  Fellow-fantasist [livejournal.com profile] naomikritzer will write you an original story!  And my first Sound & Spirit assistant, the divine Titilayo Ngwenya, offers an album of her glorious songs, Beware the Short Hair Girl (I remember when she was writing some of them, after work in a cafe in Harvard Square!) . . . .

So many wonderful things, so much talent, so many generous hearts - my own offerings (2 so far, more to come) have already fallen back a page!  Thank you all, so very very much.  The auction runs through May 23, so keep offering, and keep bidding!

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