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Thanks to the divine Paul Cornell, I am reminded that nominations for the 2014 Hugo Awards are now open, and that it is not shameful to let others know that one has eligible work.

And so we present for your consideration the unabridged audiobook of THE FALL OF THE KINGS for
Best Dramatic Presentation “Long Form” (more than 90 minutes)

Rules for who is eligible to nominate for the Hugos are here.  You can nominate for the Hugo Awards (if you've an attending or supporting member of this year's, last year's or next year's Worldcon) here.  More info (including fact that deadline is March 31st) here.

ETA: Bo Bolander reminds us: "If you attended LoneStarCon last year, you can vote on the Hugos/Campbell this year. It's that easy!"

Creator/Writer:  Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman
Studio: SueMedia/Neil Gaiman Presents

Produced by SueMedia & Ellen Kushner, narrated by Ellen Kushner (co-author with Delia Sherman), the audiobook features original music by Nathanael Tronerud composed for the Riverside Series, book by book, this book being the culmination.  Using our new "Illuminated" audiobook technique, SueMedia also creates original sound effects throughout, and we invited a host of wonderful actors to bring some of the dialogue to life - including the great Simon Jones (the original Arthur Dent in Hitchiker's Guide!), audio award-winners Katherine Kellgren, Nick Jones, Robert Fass . . . and Neil Gaiman as The Wizard in the Dreams!

Read more about it and listen to sample clips here.

I would point out the the first book in the series, Swordspoint, won an Audie Award in 2012, so we're selling quality goods here. And that, ehrm, very very few people actually nominate and vote in the Hugos, so every vote genuinely counts!

Thank you.

Full Size Cover Image by Tom Canty )
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Is it so very very wrong to just paste this in here from Facebook?

Got up, masterminded galactic takeover (unsuccessfully), ate lunch. Went downtown to studio, got to direct Neil Gaiman recording his introduction to THE FALL OF THE KINGS audiobook for Neil Gaiman Presents/ Audiobook Creation Exchange: ACX.com (blasto from the pasto! I directed his first-ever audioobook, the short story collection), then sat politely with Delia Sherman while SueMedia directed him reading his lines for the major cool Cameo role he's got in the book (no, I'm not telling! But when he asked for character direction, we said, "Merlin. But sexy." And boy, did he deliver the goods! Authorial shivers all 'round.)  Then went and got food with our Audible liaison, the godlike Christina A. Harcar, who knows where is all the best sushi - then ran to catch a cab to make it in time to my reading at Nuyorican Poets Cafe - thrill! - for the Bi-Lines event/awards ceremony. . . where my dear Steve Berman won a Publisher award for Lethe Press, and the anthology I'm in, BEYOND BINARY, won for SF/F (congrats to editor Brit Mandelo!!!).  Met many fine people there.  When it was over, popped round the corner to see my nephew Stuart Kushner, who is in town visiting his brother who lives just off Ave. A (which as I have told them in MY day was a BAAAAD neighb!! without even any Lawn to Get Off Of....), and planned Family Activities for the week, and recommended they watch "A Fish Called Wanda" on Netflix.  Finally figured out the crosstown bus wasn't running, found the 14A, and made it to my home subway stop just as the heavens opened. Waited for rain to diminish along with many other fine people, finally gave up & got wet, opened door, handed Delia my dripping pants & went online immediately to complain about being too tired to write a nice post.  And then to bed.
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In the "All Pleasures Must be Paid For" Dept.: Got the WisCon Cold. And so, while I will still be very well-dressed, I will not be hugging & shaking hands with my esteemed colleagues at the Audie Awards tomorrow night (assuming they'll still let me in! A room full of the audiobook world's finest voice talent . . . maybe they'll just make me carry a bell & clapper?) But on the No Good Deed Goes Unappreciated side: at our long-awaited lunch today, Amie Cousins presented me with my long-requested bottle of Australian Horseradish/Garlic+C cold pills! How's that for synchronicity?

At WisCon, had the very great pleasure of meeting Amy Butler Greenfield, and am now devouring her YA historical fantasy CHANTRESS. Also got to hang out a lot with Ysabeau Wilce, and talk about Flora & Hardhands & Tiny Doom . . . I will let her tell you about the results - for now, my lips are sealed!  There were many more merry meetings, but I think I need to go lie down now (as opposed to basking in memories until they reveal all names & faces. Debbie, Caroline, Brit, noodles, momocha, Karen, ah, English muffins . . . Oh, dear.  And cake.)

Last night we had Janis Ian to dinner here at Chateau Riverside.  We've met often at cons, but this was the first time we'd really had a chance to sit and talk.  (To my delight, she'd written some weeks back to say that she'd be in town for the Audies & BEA & the Lambda Awards [!!!], and did we have a little time?)  We cooked a simple home dinner, figuring someone who's on the road that much would appreciate it.  With her was the remarkable Ellen Myrick - shared the Theory of Ellens with her (which exploded like the Big Bang when Ellen Klages & I first met), and sure enough, she too is capable & bossy (well, that's what they call us!).

Tomorrow night we find out whether we won any Audie Awards - between us, Delia & I are up for FOUR!!!
Me for SWORDSPOINT:  Best Audio Drama
Me for THE PRIVILEGE OF THE SWORD:  Best Multi-Narrator (eeeeeee!!! That would be Barbara Rosenblat & me!!!!)
Us for WELCOME TO BORDERTOWN: Best Anthology
Delia for THE FREEDOM MAZE:  Best Children's Title

This will never happen again.  So off we go.

Sorry I don't update here often enough - I tend to just blurt on Twitter or Facebook, and you're more than welcome to join me there.  Oh, and Tumblr, too - it's here, but it is, of course, mostly pictures.  Good ones, though!
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 Why be coy?

Yes, I am going into the studio in about 2 weeks to start recording the THE FALL OF THE KINGS audiobook (Riverside AudioBook 3 - and do please pick up the first two there, while you're stopping here).

Delia's always a tremendous advisor in all my audio work - after 20 years (!!) of seeing me through radio, theater and audio, she's got an amazing ear, plus a whole lotta common sense.  But in this case, she's also the Co-Author of the novel!

So, as you can imagine, we are neck-deep in reading and discussing characters and casting (shhhh! not yet!) and voices (oh god how am I going to do 5 different male student main characters plus several hangers on, ditto, in one scene???) and interpretation.....

From tonight's dinner table, I present:

Delia:  I know Arlen's the Serpent Chancellor. . . but he's really a tiger. A big beautiful golden tiger, sitting there saying, "I could kill you if I wanted to. But I don't really want to right now."  Nicholas Galing, though - a jackal.  Saying, "I would definitely kill you if I knew I could get away with it."

I don't think she's being entirely fair to Nicholas.  But then, she created him, so I guess she's allowed.

*and it's only my laziness that prevents there being an icon of Canty's splendid cover image for that one here! I'll edit it in later, you may be sure.  (And then this note will look really stupid.)

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