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I'm delighted to announce that Delia & I will be returning to Hollins University to teach again in Summer 2015 for their MA/MFA Program in Children's Literature - and that Terri Windling joins us there as 2015 Writer-in-Residence!

Now, here's the catch:  In order to study with me, you need to be at least a second year student.  Which means you must apply now for this year's program - deadline March 15th, 2014 ** EXTENDED NOW TO APRIL 15th!** - so that you can begin classes this summer. (Terri & Delia will be available to everyone in 2015. This is just for people who want to take my Advanced Seminar.  And there's nothing to stop you from applying now for 2015!)

Now, don't get your knickers in a twist. You probably are "good enough." The program encourages all levels of students. Seriously.  And there is Financial Aid.  It's a 6-week summer semester, a chance to find out just what you're capable of; and during the year, you can acquire credits through on-line courses.

If you wait to start classes in 2015, you'll get to take Delia Sherman's amazing "Introduction to Fantasy Writing" class, aka "How to read (and think) like a writer!" I didn't think such writing could be taught . . . until I inherited some of her students last year, in my Writing Seminar, and saw how far they'd come since studying with her. Delia works with Fairy Tale, MG fiction, and with the inside of your head and the outside of your pages.

As 2015 Writer-in-Residence, Terri Windling will be lecturing, meeting individually with students to read mss. and give feedback . . . and, of course, hanging out in the Writers' Livingroom (which I founded back in 2011) for the first 2 weeks of this 6-week semester.

I will be teaching a 4-6 person Advanced Seminar again in 2015:  Essentially, a 6-week workshop on how to get your thesis - i.e. your novel - to move forward and keep going.  I work hard to create a supportive atmosphere, with an emphasis students helping each other, not "critiquing" to show off. Both Delia & I keep office hours, and really enjoy meeting one-on-one outside of class.

You also get to take academic classes with the likes of the truly amazing Karen Coats, Brian Attebery, and more - in fact, if you want an M.A. instead of an M.F.A., your primary classes will be with them.  But you still do some Creative Writing for your degree - and if you're an MFA, you still get to take some Academic classes.

And this year, for the first time, Hollins is offering a combined MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating! Artist faculty Ruth Sanderson, Ashley Wolff & Elizabeth Dulemba have become very dear friends; you'll love studying with them.  In fact, much as we love teaching, our other reasons for returning again & again to Hollins are (a) It's in the Blue Ridge Mountains, an area rich with folklore & traditional music (Friday nights! at the Floyd Country Store!!); (b) the chance to hang out all summer with the above-mentioned colleagues, also including Hillary Homzie, Lisa Fraustino, Chip Sullivan, and many more……all creative, funny, charming & supportive teachers who have become dear friends.

Come join us?

Here's how.

**And - because one does not enter grad school lightly or precipitously: Say "Ellen sent me," and our fabulous Program Director will accept applications through April 15th!
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So excited about this!

Hollins MFA Program is where
Delia Sherman & I teach every other summer. We'll be there next in 2015 - joined by Writer-in-Residence Terri Windling-Gayton!

I cannot recommend the place too highly:
Ruth Sanderson & her fellow Illustration instructors ashley wolff & Elizabeth O. Dulemba are creative, funny, charming & supportive teachers, and have become dear friends. Our academic and writing colleagues there (including in 2015 the amazing Karen Coats, hurray!!) have, too. This new program weaving together the 2 programs is the It if you want to illustrate!

If not, the Vanilla MA/MFA program is still available - and if you attend this year (2014), you'll be eligible for my 2nd year Seminar next yea (summer 2015).

Think about it. We're happy to answer any questions you might have. The fact that it's in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with Appalachian traditional music just down the road, doesn't hurt any either. Just sayin'.
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Thanks, KD, for posting the hard data about Delia's & my gig this summer at Hollins.

I just found out who the Writer in Residence will be:  David Almond.

I think I may faint.

You've read SKELLIG, right??


Hollins has also launched a Children’s Book Illustration Certificate program!  Talks by their artists and lecturers are also open to all students, and to the public.  Last time we were there, we did a fair amount of hanging out in their studio with instructor Ruth Sanderson, getting to watch her latest Realms of Fantasy cover take shape, and riffling around in her picture book collection . . . and comparing red shoes and collages with the incomparable Ashley Wolff.

Can't wait to see them again!

As you can probably tell, Hollins is one of the more genre-friendly MA/MFA programs.  Director Amanda Cockrell attends ICFA regularly, and some of the academic faculty come from there.  2 yrs ago, Delia was invited to teach their first-ever "Genre Study in Creative Writing: Fantasy" class, and it was such a huge hit they're continuing it. And Ruth Sanderson is a longtime fairy-tale illustrator - a neighbor and sometimes collaborator of Jane Yolen's!

I'm also SO IN LOVE with the Blue Ridge Mountains - and Friday night in Floyd!!!

ETA:  I set this up to post this a.m. last week, before the Storm became the center of our lives.  But glad to see you don't mind!  

We are fine, making soup & watching the rain.  We are on high ground in Manhattan, and I went to the 24/hr deli/grocery last night at 11pm, when there were no lines.  Who knows what will come tonight?  But I feel pretty secure.  Hope you all ride out the storm well and safely - even if by proxy!

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Hollins University offers co-ed Summmer M.A. and M.F.A. programs in the study and writing of children’s and young adult literature. Students attend classes each summer for 3-5 summers, until all their coursework is done.

Where: Roanoke, VA

When: This summer's semester runs June 17th - July 26th. Ellen & Delia will both be instructors this year. Applications due Jan. 6 & Feb. 15.

In order to study with Delia, students must be enrolled in either the two-year Creative Writing M.F.A program (deadline for applying to the program is January 6th: see application instructions) . . . or the M.A. or M.F.A. in Children's Literature programs (deadline February 15, application instructions here ).

Ellen's seminar is open only to second- or third-year students in the MFA Writing program. However, on her last visit (2 yrs ago), she instigated the Writers' Livingroom, a place for all creative writing students to meet each week to complain, help each other, drink, knit, and sing "Die, Vampire, Die!" She plans to return to that this year.

Both Ellen and Delia have taught and spoken at Hollins in the past, and loved the experience! So this summer Ellen will teach an Advanced Writing Tutorial, while Delia will lead a course on Genre Study in the Craft of Writing for Children/Fantasy.

A full list of courses (all of which I, personally, would love to take!) is available here.

The program features a fantastic roster of lecturers (including Brian Attebery and C.W. "Chip" Sullivan), visits from a renowned writer-in-residence (past writers-in-residence have included Nancy Willard, Marly Youmans . . . and Ellen!), and the chance for students to present critical and creative work at the annual Francelia Butler Conference on Children’s Literature.

If you’re in the Roanoke area, you can also attend talks by faculty members and other public events throughout the summer.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in writing children’s or Y.A. literature to study with some of the most talented writers in the field, so spread the word!

--Katharine Duckett
Assistant to Ellen Kushner
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Assured one of my anxious Hollins students that there are web pages that briefly & clearly tell historical/fantasy writers how long it takes to get places on horseback or by carriage (and how it all works).

Am I right?

Living Room

Jul. 6th, 2011 11:34 pm
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Did an "Ellen & Delia's Living Room" for the writing students at Hollins tonight:  a "come one, come all, we'll talk about writing & life" of the sort we used to do at Wiscon (and in our actual livingroom - the Wiscon thingie originated with Laurie J. Marks' undeserved comment, "I learned more about writing in Ellen & Delia's living room than in a year of classes") - we brought the Merlot & Blue Moon, they brought the cookies, and we all shared talk about process and living as writers.  I had rather suspected that all the writing grad students had no regular place to meet and hang out - and I am more and more convinced that Writers Need Community!  So encouraged them to make this a regular weekly deal, even in our absence - and I think it's going to happen!

Saving the world one graduate program (and one bottle) at a time . . . . 

Must go read more stories now, as I've got 5 to critique tomorrow, and 5 more on Friday!
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I'm honored to have been invited to be one of the Author Guests this summer at the Alpha Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Workshop for Young Writers (ages 14-19), located at the University of Pittsburgh.  It's a 10-day workshop, and I'll be there for two of those days,  workshopping and advising and whatnot.  Other Author Guests so far are Tamora Pierce & David Levine, with more to come.

Alpha's accepting
applications until March 1.

I love the fact that this workshop exists.  Not only is it an opportunity for young writers to get taken seriously - but I bet that it's a lot like the summer arts camp I went to when I was 13 & 14 - my first big chance to meet other kids as weird and creative and obsessed as I was . . . The friendships made at such places can last a lifetime.

They also have a cool Blog full of Writing Tips & Wisdom for people of any age - I was very tickled when Julie Holderman included a section of my Swordspoint in a post she did on Anatomy of Action Scenes there . . . though I haven't yet had the nerve to read their Learning to Love your Rejection Letters!

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