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When I left Boston and moved to NYC, I really grieved to leave behind my beloved folk-music public radio station, WUMB.

Fortunately, grief turned to joy when I realized I could listen to them online (and on my kitchen Logitech web-radio)!  Indeed, they have something like 5 online channels that each plays a particular style, including Traditional, Contemporary, Celtic....

WUMB is doing an online Auction fundraiser right now.  Because - and this may shock you - huge numbers of wealthy people in high-paying professions do not have their ears glued to a dial that offers roots-based music that is not over-produced and often has complicated words in it. Just guessin' here, of course. But I know this station needs funds to thrive.  And I want to help!

So I've donated a signed Collectors' Deluxe Edition of The Witches of Lublin (the audio drama I co-wrote).

Here's the link to bid on that.

While you're there, check out all the other items up for Auction. Some are Boston-specific, and some are not.  All are good for nerds like us!

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So here I am in Cleveland, nominally helping my mother change over all her dishes & scrub her kitchen for Passover - but actually typing & waiting for her to get up from her latest nap.  She is 82, my dad's 83, and they are still living a very active life, in pretty full command of all their faculties & abilities - except for all this resting & napping business.  Most instructive.

And useful to me: In the old days of Pesach prep, I would have been kept busy for 12 straight hours, scrubbing & hauling & polishing...!  But now, mom is content to work quietly with Delia - who never gives her any backtalk, and waits patiently while she remembers where she put the sugar bowl - while I sit at the livingroom table fussing over the fact that The Witches of Lublin is airing this week on radio stations nationwide,* and Welcome to Bordertown is launching in paperback (with cool new cover) this Tuesday.  ([livejournal.com profile] blackholly & I will be running a Really Cool Contest as soon as the Blessed [livejournal.com profile] taraoshea  finishes her gorgeous redesign of the Bordertown website....!

I look forward to more resting and napping in future.

* Lots more stations than I thought are airing Witches!  Full list here (to the best of our knowledge).  And a big THANK YOU to whoever it is in Fayetteville, NC, who tipped the wink to WFSS on our behalf: the station says they were "alerted by a listener" to the show. And to my pals over at Sleeping Hedgehog for putting up the letter I just wrote to my friends in Boston about WGBH airing the show this Sunday at 9!

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We are dancing on the rooftops because of two glorious online reviews of our "feminist-shetl-historical-musical audio drama" today!

Hadassah Magazine praises The Witches of Lublin as: "a story of faith, tragedy and redemption."
(This is particularly grand because my mom and all her friends read it!)

and the wonderful Dave Thompson, who's also host and co-producer of the divine PodCastle waxes rhapsodic in his review for Audible SF/F:

"It’s beautiful and haunting — a heartbreaker of audio drama . . .  I’ve now listened to it twice, and it’s worth every cent.  ..... Captivating. . .  jam packed with amazing music."

And Dave also lobbed my 2 co-writers (Elizabeth Schwartz & Yale Strom), our producer/director (Sue Zizza), and me a set of deftly clever & insightful interview questions that we all took great pleasure in answering:  The result is a real insight into our process as writers, artists and musicians - READ interview HERE.

Now, it's your turn:
1) Please forward those links to anyone you think might be interested.
2) It turns out there's still time to ask your local npr station to air the show (for free!) during Passover week.  Details on how to do that - and who's already scheduled it for local air (which usually includes online listening, as well) - are RIGHT HERE.

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Again this year, we are offering "The Witches of Lublin" free to radio stations as a holiday special for Passover in April (or International Women's Month for March)!  And we need your help to get us on the air.

The Witches of Lublin is a feminist-shtetl-magic-realist musical audio drama written by my friends Elizabeth Schwartz, Yale Strom and me, with music by Yale.  It was directed & produced by SueMedia (the same folks I then went on to do the Swordspoint audiobook with for Neil Gaiman Presents!). It stars, well, some stars:  Tovah Feldshuh plays the magical matriarch; Simon Jones (Hitchikers' Guide...) is the villainous Count, and our very own Neil Gaiman is the Romantic Lead!

Your local public radio station has been sent info about this... But their in-box is stuffed with promo materials. What they really listen to is Letters from their Listeners.

So here is a sample letter you can send to your local public radio station.  

Right above it is a link to find contact info for your local station.

You might - erherm! - also like to know (and mention to them) that

Yes, in addition to our 2 Audie nominations, an Earphone Award and "Top 10 Best Full Cast Audio Drama" from Audiofile Magazine . . .

The Witches of Lublin has won a 2012 Wilbur Award (Single Program: Radio) from the lovely folks at the Religion Communicators' Council -- AND a Gracie for Best Director (go, Sue Zizza!) from the  Alliance for Women in Media Foundation!  (Yes, it is named for Gracie Allen!)

On behalf of the whole team, my thanks in advance for anything you can do to bring us back to thousands of listeners for a free hour of unique musical audio drama.

You can listen to the first 10 minutes of our show here . . . and you can order your own copy of the CD (up for an Audie for Best Design!) here . . . or download it from Audible here.

It was a thrill to produce & premiere this show last year; you can follow our process, hear interviews, read historical notes, etc.,  with my witches of lublin tag here.

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Some crazygood news:  Our feminist-shtetl-magic realist musical audio drama has gotten 2 Audie Award nominations!

And some other honors, as well.

And it's being offered again this year free to public radio stations, so please go HERE and tell them you want it in your town!

For the deets, I really can't do better than to cut and paste this announcement by co-author Elizabeth Schwartz:

I'm so excited to share some wonderful updates about our klezmer-feminist-historical audio drama, "The Witches of Lublin", starring the extraordinary Tovah Feldshuh and featuring Broadway's Simon Jones and Barbara Rosenblat... and even author Neil Gaiman (along with a host of generous and talented voice actors).  "The Witches of Lublin" is set in 18th-Century Poland, when a family of women -- all talented musicians -- struggle to live and love in a time of peril and daily hardship. 
Our show has been racking up a nice list of nominations and awards:
Nominee, Best Audio Drama, 2012 Audie Awards
Nominee, Best Packaging, 2012 Audie Awards
Winner, 2011 Earphone award, Audible.com
Top Ten "Most playlisted piece", 2011 Zeitfunk Awards, PRX.org
2011 "Best Books for Women", Booklist Online
2011 Top Ten Best Full Cast Audio Drama, Audiofile Magazine
Quarterfinalist, Scriptapalooza writing contest
Needless to say, notice and recognition for original Jewish art (featuring lots of klezmer and Yiddish) is beyond gratifying -- and when that original Jewish art also includes obscure Jewish history, feminism, Polish history and magical realism... it's beyond even that!
What's more, the play's companion music CD, "The Devil's Brides" (Arc Music UK) is garnering terrific reviews - "The Devil's Brides" features traditional and original klezmer and Yiddish songs from "The Witches of Lublin", along with beloved favorites.  Aside from the wonderful music (cough, cough, ahem), the CD features some truly marvelous hosting by the great Miriam Margolyes.
"The Witches of Lublin" is available FREE to radio stations for Passover/spring broadcast.  If your local public radio affiliate didn't air the show last year (or if they did and you want to hear it again), you can personally contact them to request the show.  Now is the time to help spread the word for 2012 - please check the website, www.thewitchesoflublin.com, to see if your affiliate is among those who have already scheduled it for this year. [ACTUALLY, DON'T: WE HAVEN'T UPDATED IT YET!]
(The fine print: We honestly don't make a penny from this.  We created "The Witches of Lublin" to help keep klezmer culture and Jewish art alive and moving ever forward.  In this, we had the support of some amazing and generous artists.  Sometimes it doesn't take a village... it takes a shtetl).
On behalf of the Witches team (Director-Producer Sue Zizza and my co-authors Ellen Kushner and Yale Strom), a hartsikn, sheynem dank!
XO, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Schwartz

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So there you are: Staring at your Nebula (or Hugo or WFC) Nomination Ballot, and wondering, "What the hell is a novelette, anyway? And have I read any this year?  And, most importantly:  Have my friends written any that I should be nominating if I only knew their exact word length?"

I understand.  We've all been there.

And I am here to help.

On the Nebula Ballot, a novelette is defined as "a story of at least 7,500 words but less than 17,500 words." Such as, for instance (and I speak here only of stories that happened to have been published in 2011, making them eligible for a Nebula Nomination which can only be done by an Active member of SFWA and must be submitted before Feb. 15th),

* "The Duke of Riverside" by Ellen Kushner  (8,000 hard-won words, and my editor nearly killed me 'cause she wanted it SHORT!)

Or what about those troubling novellas?  Again, the Neb Ballot (which has recently imposed the draconian rule that "Works may not be nominated by their authors, editors, publishers, or agents") comes to the rescue with: "A story of at least 17,500 words but less than 40,000 words."  Such as, for example:

* "Welcome to Bordertown" by Terri Windling & Ellen Kushner (23,000 words - but, hey, there were two of us!)

Get the idea?  

It's a win/win situation. You nominate me and my friends, and we never tell anyone that you couldn't remember what the hell a novelette was.


Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation: For dramatic works such as motion pictures, television, Internet, radio, audio, and stage productions (Also on Nebula Ballot)

Why run with the herd, nominating all those films & TV shows that everyone else has seen, too?  Why not nominate something different this year - like a musical-feminist-shtetl-klezmer-magicrealist audio drama (starring Tovah Feldshuh, Simon Jones & Neil Gaiman)?  I speak, of course, of
The Witches of Lublin.  
SFWA members can get a link to hear the whole show, and to see other nominated dramatic work, here.

(And everyone else:  You can get the special extended 2-hour Witches download here on Audible.com)

ETA:  So don't be shy, folks!  Be sure to ask for the word count when asking friends and colleagues what they published in 2011!

We'll all be glad you did.


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Hot from the "Audiobook Review" pages of AudioFile Magazine:

Ellen Kushner, Elizabeth Schwartz, Yale Strom
Read by Tovah Feldshuh, Simon Jones, Barbara Rosenblat, Neil Gaiman, Elizabeth Boskey, Joanne Borts, Yelena Shmulenson, Joyce Feurring, Tim Jerome, et al.

In a story at once tragic, mystically uplifting, and historically accurate, Tovah Feldshuh plays a widowed Jewish woman in eighteenth-century Poland who, with her daughters and granddaughter, defies tradition by performing music for non-Jews at a nearby town to earn money for Passover provisions. The all-star cast includes Simon Jones as a tyrannical nobleman and Barbara Rosenblat as the self-righteous wife of a butcher. Neil Gaiman portrays the nobleman’s son, who falls in love with the nightingale-voiced granddaughter (Elizabeth Boskey) and requests that the four women perform at his coming-of-age party. With its powerful performances—woven with Yale Strom’s music, touching script, and outstanding direction, THE WITCHES OF LUBLIN is a story that will leave listeners both haunted and inspired. S.E.S. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2011, Portland, Maine [Published: APRIL 2011]

*Our producer tells me that Audie Earphones are the equivalent of a starred Kirkus review!

You can pre-order the CD here - or wait a couple weeks and it should be up for downloading on Audible.com...

Sorry not to be more scintillating lately - I'm on Week #3 of that kinda-cold-not-quite-flu/all coughing all the time virus that seems to be going around . . . Still managed to have a great Passover with lots of family in town - and plans continue for the Welcome to Bordertown launch this month . . . . Thanks again for all your help getting our Witches on the air -- we're hoping to get even more stations next year, when they see all our cool awards (and we raise a bit more marketing $$) . . . !
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Three Bordertown ARC contests end today - so do your best, and good luck!

ETA:  New contest from [livejournal.com profile] blackholly  ends May 8th!

On Friday, we auditioned NYC high school kids for the upcoming online video - more on that soon . . . . 

And there are several broadcasts of The Witches of Lublin today:  Kalamazoo, Norfolk, and Santa Barbara . . . you can listen to any of them online via the stations' own websites; check here for stations & times - lots more still to come, so see if your local is one of them! 

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Stayed up as late as I could last night with Jim Freund & co. on the WBAI interview - and in the cab home, I listened to the conversation continue with that fabu TuneInRadio app that turns your iPhone into a radio!  I love the modern world sometimes.  It helps me be old-fashioned in new and exciting ways.

Caught almost enough sleep, then dragged myself out of bed to go to a small radio studio (happily, just 10 blocks from my house) this morning to do interview with the fabulous veteran NPR journalist Frank Stasio (STAY-show) on WUNC's local interview program, "The State of Things." We had a whole 20 minutes all to ourselves - director/producer Sue Zizza, co-author/musician Yale Strom & I - and Frank also played a good clip from the show itself.   Did anyone hear it?  Did I sound like an idiot?

You can actually listen to the whole WUNC interview archived online - or download it, forsooth - right here!  How cool is that?

Many, many stations are airing The Witches of Lublin this weekend.  See?

And Ian Randal Strock gave us a nice write-up in SFScope online.

Then Sue & I went and had lunch & talked about how to get even more stations to air us next year!  Also, how soon we can get the CD produced and the album to Audible.com for download.  Stay tuned.  And again, thank you VERY MUCH for your donations of time, support, and even dollars.  When you hear The Witches of Lublin, I hope you will feel it has all been put to very good use.

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The Witches of Lublin gets it NYC premiere tonight on the legendary indie station WBAI, 99.5 FM.  Show goes on at midnight, and then at 1:00 a.m. I'll be there in the studio with the great actor Tim Jerome - a Broadway veteran who brings such depth & humanity to the part of the Rabbi in our show - and my beloved co-author Elizabeth Schwartz (through the magic of technology - she's phoning in from San Diego), all hosted by our dear Jim Freund, who so kindly made this possible.

The 1:00 - 2:00 a.m. interview segment is a CALL-IN show - so even out-of-towners (from all over the globe, yet!) can listen LIVE online and phone in your questions & comments.

For a complete list of stations scheduled to air the show, look here.  And remember that most of them will allow you to listen online.

Tomorrow (Thurs. 4/14) I'll be on at noon on WUNC in Chapel Hill, NC with producer/director Sue Zizza & co-author/music director Yale Strom, being interviewed by Frank Stasio on his show The State of Things.  Then they air the show Sunday night at 6:00 pm.
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Now on the Witches of Lublin homepage:  The first 10 minutes of the show (with a "dummy" copy of my intro - I just recorded the real one this week, and it hasn't been mixed in yet)!  Just click & hear.

More of my endless blabbing about this project (including those Pesky Promos) here and here.

More and more stations signing up to carry this Passover special in April - keep checking here to see if yours is there, and if it's not, do something about it here

Want to help out?  PayPal now live here, along with a list of cool prezzies we're offering for big gifties.  But every $$ helps us pay our bills and get this show on the air!
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Some historical background for our new audio drama, The Witches of Lublin,  that served as the writers' springboard for creating our fictional story:

Women Klezmers:

"Despite the weight of Jewish custom against women playing music in public, daughters and wives played with their fathers and husbands and women performed on their own. Some of the more notable women were Khave Meyer from Dresden (1740-1742), Mariana Meyer from Dresden (performed with her father, 1739), Mariana from Halberstadt (1741), and Sofia from Halberstadt (1741)."
-- I Lifschitz, "Yidishe Favayler oyf di Leiptsiger Yaridim", in Arkhiv far der Geshikhte fun Yidishn Teater un Drama, ed. by Dr. Jacob Shatsky (Vilna - New York, 1930), Vol. I, pp. 450-53. QUOTED IN :
Yale Strom, The Book of Klezmer: The History, the Music, The Folklore from the 14th Century to the 21st.
(And, yes, we named the character of Sofia after the real female klezmer Sofia from Haberstadt.)

Klezmers' persecution by Polish gentry:

"When my grandfather was a young man just after he got married, one Saturday night two elegantly dressed Polish noblemen came up to him and asked if he and his kapelye (Yid., ensemble) would play at their ball that very evening... Half the night had gone by while the kapelye played whent he two noblemen who brought them there said, 'We have been very pleased with your playing. What should we pay you with, gold or with chicken feces?' 'With gold', my grandfather said without any doubt in his voice. Suddenly, there was a strong assault upon them, it was dark and before they realized it they found themselves in a swamp in a forest. The violins were hanging in the trees while the violin cases were filled with chicken feces. It was very difficult for them to get the violins out of the trees. Then they barely dragged themselves home in their muddy condition."

(From "Tshizhevor Klezmorim" in Shteiger Lebn, in Sefer yizkor le-hantsahat kedoshei kelilat Czortkow, ed. Sh. Kanc. [Tel Aviv: Former Residents of Tshizhevo in Israel and the USA, 1961), p. 585
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...well, the first 10 minutes of it, anyway.  I am thrilled beyond belief, and hope you like it.  To listen:

Just click on over to public radio's PRX page for The Witches of Lublin.

I'm afraid you must sign in to PRX to be able to listen to the whole 10-minute segment.  But PRX is pretty cool; you might end up enjoying surfing there!
ETA:  You can still sign in to PRX... but all this is now also available on our homepage, too!

And best of all, you can hear my final, produced-with-music renditions of my :15, :30 and even :60-second promos for the show! (OK, well, I think that's exciting.)  If you did read my earlier post about promo copy, you will already know that the bit-where-I'm-not-talking at the end is not because I ran out of copy, but the necessary space for stations to add their local ID & air time for Witches.

Which seems like a good place to mention that I hope this may inspire you to write to  your own local public radio station to remind them that the show is available for Passover special programming and that their listeners would very much like to hear it on their air, thank you very much.  Especially as it features Neil Gaiman in his first ever dramatic role (since grammar school, anyway).  Here's how to do that.

I'd also like to say that we are still seeking funding for this project.  If you like what you hear, and can spare a few shekels (or groshn), could you drop us some over at PayPal? All contributions are tax-deductible, and any amount is very, very welcome.  We have big gifties for big donors - those will be up soon, and include a CD of the show for tax-deductible donations of $100 or more, and a signed, limited edition print of Ilene Winn-Lederer's gorgeous art for $500 or more.  As we are offering the show to stations free of charge, we have to grant- and crowd-fund the entire enterprise.

I know that some of you have already granted one or both of the above requests for help.  I know who you are (I hope - I think I've written thanks to everyone); you know who you are.  Thanks again.  I'm beginning to believe this is really going to happen.

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Sue & David are still working mixing (and created SFX, and editing, and timing and refining) The Witches of Lublin, but meanwhile I just wrote and recorded a bunch of promo spots for stations to air in the days leading up to the broadcast.  I'll put a couple of them below for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, I know you're dying to appreciate the Finer Points of the Art:

Promotional spots for public radio stations have to be :30 or :60, to fit into those little spots left by carefully-timed NPR breaks, etc. 

But really they're just :20 or :50, because you have to leave a :05-:10 music bed for the local announcer to be able to say: You can hear The Witches of Lublin at 5:00 Saturday/tomorrow/today right here on WXXX, 98.6 FM.

Yes, you can grab a few critical seconds by reading extra-fast - or by cutting those fantastic adjectives you know you had no business putting in in the first place.

Yes, it all timed out perfectly when you read it at home/at your desk.  That's because you were muttering, not using your Good Radio Voice.

And, really, your :50 copy is more like :30 because you need to leave a few seconds for establishing music at the top . . . and for the clips of the actual actors delivering cool excerpted lines.

Fortunately, I am a master at this craft.

That said, not sure which of the many we wrote & recorded will actually make it to air - but here are hot contenders:

Sample on-air promos )

* * * 

I hope your appetite has been whetted.  By next week we should have posted on our website a list of stations who plan to carry it . . . And if you'd like to help add to that list by writing to your local station, please click here.  It really works:  We've had several stations say they were alerted to the show by interested listeners who, my intelligence network revealed, were YOU.

We also, aherm, have bills to pay - and promotional items to print up, and, well, expenses.  Please don't break your piggybanks to send us your last $5 - but if you've got a few bucks for a worthy arts endeavor, contributions are tax-deductible, and we'll appreciate it greatly.  There are very cool thank you items for generous donors of $250 and up - if that's possible for you, please contact me and I'll fill you in.
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Many thanks to wonderful you in Rochester, NY, who wrote to your local station WXXI to let them know about  our new audio drama, The Witches of Lublin!  The program director there hadn't known about the program - and thanks to your letter, she's now asking about airing the show in April!

My producer is laughing at me because I'm surprised that this really works.  But it does!  So please, contact your local station to get The Witches of Lublin on your air - or at least, on the program director's wavelength!   My last post has explanation, links & a sample letter to stations.

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The Witches of Lublin:  a new musical audio drama written by Ellen Kushner, Yale Strom (who's also our music director & composer & violinist) & Elizabeth Schwartz!  Long in the making, and now recorded and preparing for release to public radio stations nationwide as a
free Spring Holiday Passover radio special!
We're in Post Production right now with gifted, hardworking producer/director Sue Zizza, who is merrily editing the trax we recorded in November with our all-star cast including:
Tovah Feldshuh (Yentl; Golda's Balcony; Kissing Jessica Stein)
Simon Jones (Brideshead Revisited; The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
Barbara Rosenblat (Anne Frank Remembered; The Secret Garden; virtually every great audiobook you've ever heard)
Neil Gaiman (some writer guy with a nice voice) . . . and more!

Art by Ilene Winn-Lederer (also illustrator for for my children's book, The Golden Dreydl, a super-nice person and incredibly versatile, talented artist!).  This art will also be the CD cover for a 2-CD set that we're producing, consisting of the entire 59-minute audio drama, plus 11 new tracks of music from the show!  We'll let you know when it's available.  Meanwhile:

"Can I hear The Witches of Lublin on my beloved local public radio station this April?"

I hear you cry.

The answer is:


First, your local station needs to know that the show exists, and that their listeners want to hear it on their air.  So here's what you must do*:

• Go to this handy listing of NPR stations
• Type in your Zip Code
• Click through ("more info") to your local station's homepage
• Find "Contact Us" there, and
• send a note along these lines:

*Sample Letter to Stations* )

It really will make a difference - so on behalf of our talented team of musicians, actors, writers & producers, I thank you in advance.  This is about the time stations are nailing down April programming, so it's just the right time for you to step in and help make it possible for everyone in your community to get to enjoy The Witches of Lublin.  There's lots more info on our website, including full cast bios, plot synopsis, music sample, and more to come!

* Obviously, if you already  know how to contact your station, you can jump this bit about how to find yours!
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Remember right before your parents' parties, where any time you reached your hand out to something in the 'fridge, your mom shouted, "Don't touch that -- it's for Company!" ?  (Man, I hated Company.  They got all the good stuff - howcome we never got confetti pasta salad, or little parfait puddings?)

Well, right now my 'fridge is full of Cheeses of Many Lands, and baby carrots, and hummous & baba & stuff like that.  And, [livejournal.com profile] deliasherman , DON'T TOUCH IT!!!

It's all going down to the Workmen's Circle building tomorrow, where we're assembling a cache of New York's Finest voice talent, to do a reading (with music by Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi) of the Feminist Shtetl Magic Realist Klezmer Musical Radio Play I've been writing with Yale & Elizabeth Schwartz, The Witches of Lublin.  It's a private reading, designed to let us writers hear the script done by Real Actors, and hear if it works.  We've invited some colleagues to critique us, as well.  We did the same thing almost a year ago today, and spent the year rewriting based on people's comments (and the things that had been brilliant on paper - and when we read them aloud in Y&E's backyard in San Diego - that suddenly rang like tin).  [That said - we've just moved into a bigger room, so if you really want to come listen tom'w, let me know.]

The whole thing started in June 2006, when we were moving into our apartment in NYC, and our dear friends Yale & Elizabeth were packing up to move to San Diego.  While we were hauling our unpacked boxes out to their car for them to use, I said, "I'm really sorry you guys are leaving, not just because I was looking forward to being in the same town with you, but because I'd been hoping we could do a project together."

And, Lo! before all the boxes were in the car, we'd had an idea.  And I went back to the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, who'd been asking me to propose something, and said we'd do the Debut of our new Musical Radio Play for their 2007 season.  And it was so.  We worked with a great trio of pickup musicians + an entire radio theatre troupe that just happens to reside in Kalamazoo, and presented the show (with Eliz & me playing major roles) . . . . and then we rewrote the whole thing.

And in NYC in 2009 we did that reading, and we learned a lot.  And now we're ready to do it again.  After this one, I hope we'll be able to move forward with a director, producer & funder(s!) so we can record & mix in time for "The Witches of Lublin" to air on public radio for Passover 2011 as a Holiday Special.

I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime . . . Don't touch that!  It's for the Talent.

Cast List (April 2010):
Anne Bobby, Adrienne Cooper, Chris Delaine, Sam Guncler, Fiona Jones, Barbara Rosenblatt & Doug Shapiro

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