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 In one of those Bursts of Synchonicity that comes so seldom to so few (except, apparently, me), this Monday the great online magazine Strange Horizons is scheduled to reprint a Riverside short story ("The Death of the Duke") - AND outgoing fiction editor Jed Hartman has found his tape of the interview we did in 2006, right before THE PRIVILEGE OF THE SWORD was published!!!!! And they're going to print that, too!!!!

        I'm reviewing the transcript right now - and found the most delicious typo, which just as weirdly hooks up with the fact that Delia & I are at the Lowell Folk Festival right now, celebrating our 20th Anniversary (which I wrote a long post about here):

J: Can you describe what the original version [of TPOTS] was, way back in--you started working on this in '92? ish?

E:  No, it was before '92, because-- You know what? I would actually have to take out my notebooks and look at the dates. But it was hot in '92 because Delia and I were courting, having these intense discussions with her over dinner about this book, I remember it very well. It was in full cry in '92, and that was before the Justine incident, so I guess I was hot with it around then.

The word in red, of course, should be not.

But it was - ahem! - hot then, too, of course.

Being summer and all.

[And this was really ELLEN, of course - nobody else writes such elliptical sentences! But I just love what Katharine's been doing, here - and hope you do, too! -  so look for her again as Guest Blogger soon!] 

ETA:  Link to SH reprint story here - and don't miss Jed's lovely intro!.

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We are dancing on the rooftops because of two glorious online reviews of our "feminist-shetl-historical-musical audio drama" today!

Hadassah Magazine praises The Witches of Lublin as: "a story of faith, tragedy and redemption."
(This is particularly grand because my mom and all her friends read it!)

and the wonderful Dave Thompson, who's also host and co-producer of the divine PodCastle waxes rhapsodic in his review for Audible SF/F:

"It’s beautiful and haunting — a heartbreaker of audio drama . . .  I’ve now listened to it twice, and it’s worth every cent.  ..... Captivating. . .  jam packed with amazing music."

And Dave also lobbed my 2 co-writers (Elizabeth Schwartz & Yale Strom), our producer/director (Sue Zizza), and me a set of deftly clever & insightful interview questions that we all took great pleasure in answering:  The result is a real insight into our process as writers, artists and musicians - READ interview HERE.

Now, it's your turn:
1) Please forward those links to anyone you think might be interested.
2) It turns out there's still time to ask your local npr station to air the show (for free!) during Passover week.  Details on how to do that - and who's already scheduled it for local air (which usually includes online listening, as well) - are RIGHT HERE.

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I had the best time on Friday night, talking with Jonathan Strahan in Australia (where it was Saturday morning) and Gary K. Wolfe in Chicago (where it was still Friday night) . . . I mean - these are the guys you want to be at the bar with all night at WorldCon:  erudite yet chummy, good talkers both, with interesting minds and real affection for each other and the literature - a winning combo!  (And these are not the guys you want to make a bar bet with:  The range of knowledge they have at their finger - er, brain tips is truly awe-inspiring!)

Our one-hour conversation is up for listening/downloading on The Coode Street Podcast: Episode 88.
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Thrilled with this response to our new Swordspoint from audio dramatist Fred Greenhalgh:

You don't know what you're missing in a typical audiobook until you listen to this one.  Ellen, your performance is magnificent, as deft and full of derring-do as the story's light-footed feet, and the illuminated dialogue is truly delicious.  Unlike many 'full cast' productions, you can feel a real focus on 'performance' in this cast - instead of blocky, awkward switches to different narrators, the many voices chime in cleanly and convincingly.  I consider good sound design as design so good we do not notice it, and this was very much the case with me.  We just got back after 3 hours on the road which disappeared in a dazzling journey to Riverside.  Thank you for this great gift :)
We did an interview by phone Thursday for Fred's weekly radio show and podcast, Radio Drama Revival -- and it's up now online:  Nearly an hour of Swordspoint producer/director Sue Zizza and me talking with Fred about our Process - and you also get another sample clip from the "illuminated" book (besides, that is, the one that's up on the ACX/NGP site already!). If you want a peek behind the creative curtain, listen in!

ETA:  Fred says:  FYI on the radiodramarevival page just under the Flash player there is a link to the download, you can right click "Save As" to download it [as a podcast].  You can also find my show on iTune store search for "radio drama revival"

I haven't had the chance to listen to it all yet, as we are still packing & trying to get everything done before we leave for Sanibel in the morning.  Where I think I'm going to get lots of work done, but will probably just take long walks on the beach with various family members, and sit staring out at the sky over the ocean, hoping for pelicans.
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No, really:  2 podcasts have just popped up for your weekend driving/listening/housepainting/room-cleaning/carrot-chopping pleasure:

 PodCastle:  32 minutes, includes Holly Black, Amal El-Mohtar, Tim Pratt, and the most spectacular cackle of mirth from Anna at the end (with Dave being the Perfect Gentleman)


SFSignal (long & fun - for me, anyway!) conversation with Patrick Hester.

I never have the nerve to listen to these things right off - so please let me know how they went?

PS  I really do need a radio icon, don't I?
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Suzy McKee Charnas' THE VAMPIRE TAPESTRY is my favorite vampire fiction, period: a complex, elegant work for grownups. I was really happy to see [livejournal.com profile] oracne invited her to Guest Post about a new vampire story forthcoming in TEETH (!!! - it's a YA vamp anthology that includes stories I really like by Delia & me & a host of rather intimidating others).

This artwork by [livejournal.com profile] coppervale  makes me swoon.

Oh, and speaking of interviews & YA anthologies:  I just did a nice interview with Charles Tan over at SF Signal site about my story "The Children of Cadmus" in the new (and splendid) Datlow/Windling antho, THE BEASTLY BRIDE:  TALES OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE *(cover & interior illo's by Charles Vess) - and the SFSignal interview also posted images from the childhood book of mine that inspired the story.  Cool.

Tan is interviewing every single author from that anthology - they're all listed here.

*...Not a single review has mentioned my story so far - I think they must find it baffling or offputting.  But wait!  I see an Amazon reviewer liked it!  Phew.
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Right before we left Somerville, MA (across the street from Cambridge, MA, 10 minutes from Harvard Square) almost exactly 4 years ago today (!!), a wonderful wonderful indie bookstore opened up across the street from us in Porter Square, called Porter Square Books.

We've been back a few times to do readings & such, but haven't been lately.  But now the store's invaluable employee Matthew Timmins sent me some great interview questions, which I answered on their blog as best I could.  

Because a few weeks ago, one of my minions ("My Spies are Everywhere" Division) told me that I was Featured SF/F Author of the Month there in May!  It's true - here's a picture:

Even if you can't get to Porter Square, you  can read the interview if you want.
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SPOILER ALERT: If you hate knowing what authors really look & sound like, skip this one:


Usually I hate seeing or hearing myself. But these came out well! (This is Part 1 of 5, in which I blab about TPOTS, Thomas, NYC, and, of course, What To Wear.)

So to those I won't see at Wiscon this weekend: have a great holiday, and enjoy the Virtual Panel with the EllenBot!

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