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When I left Boston and moved to NYC, I really grieved to leave behind my beloved folk-music public radio station, WUMB.

Fortunately, grief turned to joy when I realized I could listen to them online (and on my kitchen Logitech web-radio)!  Indeed, they have something like 5 online channels that each plays a particular style, including Traditional, Contemporary, Celtic....

WUMB is doing an online Auction fundraiser right now.  Because - and this may shock you - huge numbers of wealthy people in high-paying professions do not have their ears glued to a dial that offers roots-based music that is not over-produced and often has complicated words in it. Just guessin' here, of course. But I know this station needs funds to thrive.  And I want to help!

So I've donated a signed Collectors' Deluxe Edition of The Witches of Lublin (the audio drama I co-wrote).

Here's the link to bid on that.

While you're there, check out all the other items up for Auction. Some are Boston-specific, and some are not.  All are good for nerds like us!

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Traders' Heaven is officially open, and it's taking all my self-control not to spend every penny I've got on Bordertown Lives! T-shirts, Dancing Ferret bar glasses, Elsewhere Books postcards & coffeemugs, Hard Luck Cafe jerseys, Taco Hell tank tops, Khandromas (Midori Snyder's Tibetan girl skater gang) charm bracelets, and, y'know, stuff that shouldn't exist in our World, and yet somehow now does!

Giant hugs to Tara, who designed not only the B-town logos, but our new BordertownSeries.com site, as well - where more designs & images will soon be going up . . . . At this point, I'm not at all sure she hasn't really been there - despite her recent tumblrpost explaining how she Shopped that photo of Elsewhere Books . . . Uh, huh, Tara; sure ya did, kid!  We won't tell.
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She took the Dishes Fairies with her . . . but, Look!  She left us this Cool Auction Item:

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] deliasherman at Con or Bust!
Item Name & Description: A 6 cup hand-knitted tea cosy in a kind of cherry-red/pink/cream heather mixture.  You'll like it.  You'll see.
Starting Bid: $25
Notes: I'll deliver it as soon after the end of the auction as is consistent with having finished it.
Bidding starts Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. EST (GMT -5) and ends Sunday, February 25, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
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I will be putting up much more stuff of mine to auction, very soon, I promise. Swordspoint stuff, Bordertown stuff . . . stuff you want.  (Any special requests?)

Meanwhile, do not miss delightful things like Caroline Stevermer's offer to handwrite a personal letter from Kate of Sorcery and Cecelia . . . Patricia McKillip's hand-written draft of her poem from Welcome to Bordertown . . . . an original song by Emma Bull . . . . a ms.critique by the stellar reader/teacher/critic Sherwood Smith (not that I'm biased or anything, but ahem!) aka [livejournal.com profile] sartorias . . . . and of course, signed copies of my dear Joel Derfner's amazing books, along with a litttttle something extra . . . . 

All of which is to say:

If someone were to offer to write, say, a fanfic about Alec in Bordertown - well, I would surely bid on it.

Wouldn't you?

For details on how to bid and how to offer something to the auction (and what it's all about, anyway), go here.

Every dollar raised is a bone for Tilly!
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Our very dear Charles Vess has made up 'A Bit of English Magic:’ A Susanna Clarke/Charles Vess Literary Basket for a charity auction to benefit his local library.  The auction runs through Saturday, April 9 at 4:00 PM EST.   Details are up on Facebook here.  If you don't have access to FB, here's the fine print:

Charles Vess writes: )

Remember, the "I"  here is Charles Vess, not me.  Any questions, though, should be e-mailed to the library at the edress provided above.
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Yesterday's NYTimes ran an article on the swift and dramatic rise in e-book sales of children's and YA titles - pretty clearly tied to the surge of e-readers given as holiday gifts to kids. And apparently, some kids don't really differentiate between different kinds of Screen Time, and find themselves reading instead of watching TV.

All of which makes me very pleased to consider that all my novels are currently available in a number of e-book formats (platforms? whatever) . . . and so are [livejournal.com profile] deliasherman 's delightful, delicious "New York Between" kids' books Changeling and The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen. MMoMQ hardcover is also currently on Big Dog Sale right now...plus Kindle.. Come buy, come buy!
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In my previous post I said that the new anthology, Welcome to Bordertown, was going to cost $22.99.  I also put that on the postcards we gave out at Arisia.  

That is a mistake
(unless you're a library: it's the cost of Library Binding).  The price to the public will be $19.99.  For a 544-page hardcover, it's a steal!  And what remains even more of a steal is the special Amazon pre-order price of $13.99!  I imagine when the book nears its publication date of May 24, that will change.  (Oh, my, yes; so it will.)  Not to be outdone, B&N online is offering pre-order of $13.49 . . . but since they failed to print my author bio, we don't like them, do we?

Also interesting to see that since that Previous Post, which suggested that folks buy both Teeth and Welcome to Bordertown at Amazon's pre-order prices, the "buy these 2 books together" thingy on both pages is for the two of them; last week, Welcome to Bordertown was being offered in conjunction with Bordertown co-editor Holly Black's White Cat (which you absolutely positively hands down should buy anyway!) . . . So I guess, Gentle Readers, that we alone with our buying power moved the algorithm over a notch!  Very cool to see it in action.

And why do I suddenly feel like Harriet M. Welsch?
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Chanukah's early this year - first candles will be lit on December 1 - so no point in waiting til after Thanksgiving to let you know that my readaloud/chapter book, The Golden Dreydl, gorgeously illustrated by Ilene Winn-Lederer - is now available in paperback!

I happen to think the original hardcover, with its - deckled paper edges and gold-stamped cover, is a stunning little box of bonbons; but the PB price is right, and latke-stained fingers will do no harm to the paperback. If you do want the HC, though, the publisher tells me they only have a couple hundred left in the warehouse, so grab it now! The next time I see you, I'll autograph it - or you can send me a SASE and I'll sign a bookplate.

The Man with the Knives is also down to about 50 copies left - this is the limited edition chapbook from Temporary Culture, and when it's gone, it's gone. The story will be reprinted online at Tor.com the first week of December, with a link to the chapbook, which may mean that lots more people will see it & want it. Just sayin'. (And, yes, you still can buy it only by mail from Henry Wessell's basement - unless you nip down to St Marks' Books in NYC's East Village, where they have a small cache.)

May all your holiday shopping be painless, and all your candles be bright!
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Because I am a lazy vaux-rien, I will not write here the love letter that Kathe Koja's new novel, Under the Poppy, deserves.  Instead I pass you over to the capable (and infinitely productive) hands of  my beloved colleague, Cory Doctorow, with whose review on BoingBoing I entirely agree.  Especially the Tom Waits part.

Delia & I both read this a few months ago in ARCs, and we've been sitting on our hands waiting to tell you about it once it was actually possible to get a copy.  Which you should do Right Now, as it is hot hot hot - your bad slashy self will thank you, if you've got one - and if you haven't. you can just go swimming in the prose.

This book is hot like chocolate, rich & dense & bittersweet.

Also, check out the Book Video on the Small Beer Press page!
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Terri Windling's half-price sale of original art ends this week, so if you've been procrastinating, postponing, deliberating, debating or just saving pennies, now is the time to fish or cut bait!

I posted about it originally  here - including my love of my own collection of Terri's work.

Terri's latest update is here.  She has managed to get her dear relative through the worst of the initial crisis, but, as many of you know, it's always a long haul.

I asked Terri (in Comments to her first post) about how people might help even if they couldn't afford an oil painting; she replies:

I'm setting up a Paypal account and people can make donations there, or even send a check. They should just write me care of the Endicott Studio (endicottstudio [@] yahoo.com] for details, since I don't want to list the address publicly.

He is a lovely guy -- one of those hard-working guys who takes care of everyone else, has looked after all the elderly in the family, and finds it incredibly hard to be in a position of needing help himself. Even now he worries more about the effect that possibly homelessness could have on his cat than on him. He worked hard all his life, paid his taxes on time, etc.etc., and this wasn't supposed to happen. (Welcome to health-care American style, where so many of us are just one big injury or illness away from disaster.) On the plus side, he has family and some very dear friends who love him -- and I'm grateful for the way the mythic arts community has been helping
out too.

So yes, donations are welcome, even small amounts. Hey, five bucks will buy some cat food after all!

(Hey - why the hell don't I have a TW art Icon, anyway?)

And if a painting's not in the cards, you can still order fine prints of her work from Endicott Studio (U.S. only)!
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Have you been long dreaming of owning some of Terri Windling's original art?   Work from her magnificent Desert Series paintings, and from the newer "Bunny Girls" series are being offered at half-price to benefit a dear family member who's fallen under the wheels of the recession.  Terri writes:

"I'm raising money for a relative recovering from a serious injury. He has no medical insurance, no way to work or pay his bills, and his state is so broke that they don't have enough staff to process disability claims, which are taking many months on average. We're trying to raise some money to help him get by in the meantime, so painting purchases go to a very good cause. He's a lovely man -- one of those hard-working guys who helps everyone else and finds it really hard that he himself needs help now."

I was just in Terri's studio in Devon last month, working like crazy on our new Bordertown book with [livejournal.com profile] blackholly  - a magical place, as you may imagine, with these paintings up on easels and desktops all around us....  These are amazing works - oil on unstretched canvas, sometimes with words scratched into the paint itself . . . the photos don't fully convey the depth and texture. If you're drawn to one, click on the Details. I promise you, you will love it even more when you have it in your hands.

Please feel free to copy any portion this text (ascribing my parts to me, of course) and spread the word widely.
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The generosity of fantasy author Laurie J. Marks' friends & extended community is staggering.

 Terri Windling just donated an original painting to [livejournal.com profile] debsliverlovers ,  the auction to raise funds for Laurie's wife's liver transplant.  [livejournal.com profile] elisem is offering both a custom jewelry piece and a basic wireworking class. (Go here to see the nice things Elise has to say about Laurie & Deb.)  Fellow-fantasist [livejournal.com profile] naomikritzer will write you an original story!  And my first Sound & Spirit assistant, the divine Titilayo Ngwenya, offers an album of her glorious songs, Beware the Short Hair Girl (I remember when she was writing some of them, after work in a cafe in Harvard Square!) . . . .

So many wonderful things, so much talent, so many generous hearts - my own offerings (2 so far, more to come) have already fallen back a page!  Thank you all, so very very much.  The auction runs through May 23, so keep offering, and keep bidding!
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OK, yeah, I do remember dimly now posing in that Chinese restaurant on St Marks' Place with a wee teddy bear & copies of my books which I then signed with something rude about saving breasts . . . mind you, there was a lot of tea-smoked duck involved, and those crunchy little sweet-and-sour lotus roots I love, and maybe some pea shoots . . . . but, yeah, photos were taken, books were signed . . . and now they are being offered for auction to raise money for Avon Walker Lisa Spodak, who, with her minions, have made it their business to gather photos (and books & signatures) from People We Love, including Jasper Fforde, Ellen Datlow, Pat Rothfuss, Lev Grossman &  David Anthony Durham (same night! same restaurant!), N.K. Jemisin, Idina Menzel, Vanessa Williams (just saw her in "Sondheim on Sondheim" - what a performer!), Jim Butcher, & Amber Benson.   Go, Priscilla (who took my photo)!  

Please bid early & often
, friends, for this cause.
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 I'm a huge fan of Dylan Meconis'  (LJ:  [livejournal.com profile] quirkybird ) work!  Family Man, Bite Me, and, of course, Click! the one-shot sequel she did with Sara Ryan (to her Empress of the World, the best teen novel about being bi I know) . . . . But so far her new work, Family Man, has been available only online, and, well, I just don't have the bandwidth for all that clicking & screen-shifting.

So I am crazygrateful to [livejournal.com profile] pamola for letting me know that Dylan is even now raising money to produce the first two chapters of Family Man via pre-sales and incentives at her temple of commerce!

You know what you must do.  (As do I!)

And as a special offer to LJ readers only, I allow you to be the very first to know that DYLAN & SARA ARE DOING A BORDERTOWN COMIC! Yes, [livejournal.com profile] blackholly & I are even now going over the pencils of the 16 page 'script that will be part of the new Bordertown anthology, to make sure that there are enough pointy ears and studded leather jackets.  It's the only comic in the whole anthology.  It's good.
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I got a note from old pal [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija, who works with The Virginia Avenue Project in LA, asking me to contribute something to their auction. It's a program that helps low-income kids get a sense of self-worth & to achieve academically through doing theatre - how could I refuse? or even want to? This is exactly how I think art saves the world. It's a message we tried to put in every Bordertown story (like a prize in a box of Crackerjacks), fer crissakes!

So I'm donating a hardcover limited edition copy of The Privilege of the Sword. I will personalize & autograph it to the highest bidder at [livejournal.com profile] helptheproject on LJ - here's the link to my book (with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rm for supervising!).

Here's Rachel's description of The Virginia Avenue Project:

Read more... )

There's lots of great stuff up already - bid early & often!
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KesselsKramer's New Tapestry is an updated version of the Bayeux Tapestry, a huge medieval work of art showing the current affairs of its time. Where the Bayeux Tapestry told the news stories of 1066, New Tapestry tells the news events of 2009. It's 30 meters long and illustrated by 44 international artists.

"My" artist, Ilene Winn-Lederer, who did the glorious cover & illustrations for my book The Golden Dreydl (see Userpic), is Weeks 14 & 15: "The Blessing of the Sun" and "Galileo Galilei." (And, yeah, I do wish they had run a pop-up of the actual names of the artists who were good enough to contribute art, don't you?)

While we're on the subject, Winn-Lederer's newest book is Between Heaven and Earth: An Illuminated Torah Commentary (Pomengranate Press). Pure glory. Take a look at this Slide Show, and you'll see why it's the perfect wedding/ba(r/t) mitzvah gift forever.

Or maybe you'd prefer her self-published The Alchymical Zoodiac: A Celestial Bestiary ?

I also want to thank her for generously contributing some really nice spot art to the all-new, all-revised IAF website.
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For the entire month of January, NYPL is offering you a 20% discount on select New York Public Library prints. This is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your apartment or office. NYPL’s digital gallery offers everything from vintage turn of the century posters to historic prints from our Dress & Fashion collection. To receive your discount, type “January20” in the coupon field at checkout.

Start browsing our collection at digitalgallery.nypl.org
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Small Beer Press (Gavin Grant & Kelly Link) is holding a crazy once-in-a-lifetime sale on all its books, in support of Franciscan Children's Hospital in Boston, where their baby - virtual goddaughter to dozens of their loving friends - Ursula Annabelle Link Grant - has been residing for some months.

I'll let them tell you the whole story here.

The sale is here. $1 off their already crazylow prices on orders through Dec. 31, 2009 goes straight to Franciscan Children's. (And if you choose to order anything at full price, the difference also goes to Franciscan!)

All sale books are labeled "Remainder." You want them. They include:

• the limited edition hardcover of my The Privilege of the Sword - yeah, the one on my icon, here! (it's a detail from a Clouet portrait of Charles IX) - reg. price $35, sale/remaindered for $9.95 including shipping!!!

* Interfictions & the new Interfictions 2, both co-edited by our own fair [livejournal.com profile] deliasherman (also available as e-Books, same deal)

* books by Liz Hand, Laurie J. Marks, John Crowley, Geoff Ryman, Joan Aiken, Maureen McHugh, and many others who make life worth living and books worth reading.

Go look. Then give yourself and everyone else a present - including the kids at Franciscan.

* * *
ADDED: And while we're shopping - howbout 1/2 off an original Terri Windling painting?

And for those who've been wondering who The Golux is - or where I got those weird quotes at the beginning of Swordspoint ("We all have faults....and mine is being wicked") & TPOTS (“What a gruesome way to treat one’s niece [!]”) - there's a great new edition of my favorite book, also on sale, from NYRB Classics.
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The Interfictions Auction has 7 great pieces up, most with still pretty low bids. The Auction ends tomorrow (Monday), so don't delay!

Not the bidding kind? No worries! We've added, for a flat fee of $25, 5 signed prints of Connie Toebe's "In the Moonlight," which was also the cover of the first Interfictions anthology (see my icon, here). It's a gorgeous print, on beautiful paper.
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The Interstitial Arts Foundation's Shameless Commerce Division (well, OK, it all goes to support a non-profit dedicated to tearing down genre boundaries, but I couldn't resist), headed by Auction Guru [livejournal.com profile] ktempest Bradford, is making an offer you'd be mad to refuse:

1. Browse the images of art and jewelry we’re auctioning off and pick 1 – 3 favorites. Then share these favorites on your blog or social network of your choice. Tell your friends and family why you chose the pieces. Don’t forget to include a link back to IAFAuctions.com.

2. To enter, post one comment in the AUCTION'S POST HERE (not my LJ post) for each of the places you mentioned your favorite pieces.

3. Recipients of the free books must promise to review them (honestly & without bias) on their blogs/websites.

For more details, links & instructions: Read the Fine Print in this Auction post - and while you're in there, check out all the amazing pieces coming in every day!

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