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Aaaaaaand my life just got 1000 times better:

thanks to my dear friend & colleague Maureen McHugh, who sent me this on Facebook!
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Dar Williams' "You're Aging Well" - it's never done this to me before!

Maybe it's because Delia's away, and I've been revisiting aspects of my past self.

Maybe it's because I am definitely ageing - and when I hear someone young singing: 

I don't like the signs that the signmakers made . . .
So I'm going to steal out with my paints and my brushes
I'll change the directions, I'll hit every street....

it just makes me want to fall down on my knees (in the kitchen, where I'm chopping zucchini) and weep in gratitude for everything in my life that came together to allow me to do just that - good friends, good family, good luck, bad manners, good love - and be happy now, and sort of on good days unafraid.

It's a song many of us knew about 10 years ago when it came out - but if you somehow missed it, or you need to hear it again (and who of us doesn't need that encouragement?), here it is.

And if you're 15 yourself now, and feel like "the road to enchantment is not mine to take.... And all I could eat was the poisonous apple, and that's not a tale I was meant to survive..."  well, listen again.  We're all here for you, waiting.  I finally made it here - and you could, too.

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Saturday Night at the Alternative Movies:

 Well, what can I say?

You already know my passion for "Milady Got Back" - glad the tradition continues!

Rune video

Feb. 4th, 2012 10:56 am
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Working with Drew Miller (of Omnium Records and Boiled in Lead!) on some cool stuff for the Welcome to Bordertown audiobook (coming in APRIL 2012) I can't tell you about yet . . . . BUT he sent me a link to this Norwegian Spinning/Rune Song, Drømte, he recorded with Kari Tauring in Minneapolis, and I thought you might like it:

He recorded the whole concert and released the album here:  Kari Tauring & Huldre: Live at the Capri - " a Scandinavian journey, beginning in the Bronze Age (circa 1300 BCE)...then to the Viking Era (circa 750 ACE) with rune galdor (sung spells using the rune alphabet) and Old Norse lyrics...."

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Hal Duncan is a friend & colleague, a fellow-author with whom I've had the pleasure of sharing a table (and a certain amount of wine) at conferences from his native Glasgow to the Nantes "Utopiales" Festival in France . . . . Here he joins the voices uplifted to tell teens "It gets better."  I think all teens should see this, not just queer ones - because show me the kid I'll actually like, no matter their sexual orientation, who hasn't needed to hear this:


"The world tomorrow belongs to you; be there to take it."

Thank you, Hal.

(I also sent this link to the Welcome to Bordertown authors - to me it has the right  feel.  And, yes, one of them (Annette Curtis Klause) responded:  "Any miserable misfit angy kid needs to hear that. Kids like I was who are made fun of because they look different, speak different, and look at the world through different eyes. Kids like I was who speak like that--use that language--defy the world and are scared as shit of it at the same time. Kids who want to run away to Bordertown and might some time be able to make their own Bordertown right here and now.")
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We are watching the entire old Granada TV series of Brideshead Revisited. I'm amazed at how much of it got into The Fall of the Kings, considering how different they are. I was passionate about that series first time around; I guess it just got into my authorial DNA.
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Do you know what it is to truly love a video? ca. 1984?

Do you?

If you don't know the original of this, you probably won't laugh til your stomach hurts and tears pour down your face and your wife comes to the other end of the apt to find out if she's now married to a hyena.

If you do . . . enjoy:

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SPOILER ALERT: If you hate knowing what authors really look & sound like, skip this one:


Usually I hate seeing or hearing myself. But these came out well! (This is Part 1 of 5, in which I blab about TPOTS, Thomas, NYC, and, of course, What To Wear.)

So to those I won't see at Wiscon this weekend: have a great holiday, and enjoy the Virtual Panel with the EllenBot!

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